Workers Fundamental Rights

Workers Fundamental Rights

Many Workers/Employees in the Working Sector are mostly not aware that they Do HAVE RIGHTS as Workers/Employees!

Workers have the Right to Fair Remuneration and Service Conditions!

Workers have the Right to Access to Training, Education, Tuition, etc!

Worker have the Right to Work!

Workers have the Right to Fair Labour Practices!

Every Worker has the Right to Strike!

Freedom of Victimization:
The Right to Protection: that No Manipulation of Membership should occur and that Members of such Organizations should not Fear Victimization!

The Act Protects Freedom of Association by Prohibiting Discrimination, Victimization and So-Called “Yellow-Dog” Contracts of Employment!

Freedom of Association:
Workers/Employees have the Right to Join Organizations/Unions of their Choice without Fear By Employees!

Workers/Employees have a Right to be Assisted/Represented Worker’s Interest Towards Management and Union!

So, Good Word of Advice to all Workers/Employees: Enjoy your work to the Fullest without Fear of Victimization and try to make the best out of it!

But Remember stay within the Organizational/Company’s Rules+Regulations! Abstain from Misbehavior/ misconduct and ENJOY Your Work-Environment!

Trudy Bock: Human Rights Activist


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