Violence Against Women and Children

"North Hampton is a Domestic violence fre...

"North Hampton is a Domestic violence free-zone" (Massachussetts) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Violence Against Women, Elderly and Innocent Children

Violence Against Women, Elderly and Vulnerable Children is a Violation of any Country’s Constitution, which Forbids Torture and Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment!

Violence against Women includes Physical, Sexual and Emotional Violence!

Some examples are Murder, Rape, Violence in the home (Domestic Violence), Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment at Work or at School, Forced Prostitution, Forced Pregnancy, Forced Sterilization, Forced Abortion and Traditional Practices that are Harmful to Women!

The Number of Reported Rapes is Increasing! Cases of Violence Against Women and Children and Girls are Often Reported in the Media. The Men who Carry Out this Disgraceful and Inhuman Violence often get easily Bail and Short Prison Sentences!

Violence makes Women Feel Afraid and Insecure! This prevents women from moving about Freely (The Right of Freedom of Movement are Deprived), from having Access to Resources and from Taking Part in Basic Activities! It Prevent Women from Enjoying Equality, Development and Peace and Stability!

Violence Against Women starts with Cultural and Religious Attitudes that see Women as Having A Lower Status than Men! Social Pressure make the Problem Worse! Women do not Have Enough Access to Legal Information and Legal Help!

Existing Laws Do NOT Give Women enough PROTECTION! And the Laws in Place are not Always Enforced!

More Public Education on Violence is Needed!

My question to all Men out there: “What do you Gain by Raping or Killing Innocent Senior Citizens (72 yrs – 87 yrs) for their own well-deserved Pension Money”?

“What do you Gain by Raping Innocent Infants (2 yrs – 3 yrs), stabbing, beating and even killing them”?

Something is Seriously Wrong with People’s Mentality in our Society!
Let us all Join Hands and “Out root this Virus of Raping+Killing” of Human beings all over the World! Let’s Join hands in Prayer!

Trudy Bock – Human Rights Activist


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