Swag it Out


I Would Like To Share Some Interesting Information With My Readers, Regarding “Swagging” In Our Society.

I don’t know why I never really made an effort to find out where the word Swag comes from and what it means. And I must say, I found some pretty interesting things when I did some digging. A lot of guys are probably gonna get a fit when they read this. Especially those who refer to themselves as someone with Swag. Do you even know what the word Swag means?


For those who do not know the meaning …I am not surprised. Unfortunately in our experiencing journey of following trends, we lack the wisdom in knowing what we are following. We do what others do, but do we really know what it is that we are doing? We fail to ask questions, it seems, and just do what others do.

Even so with what we wear. Do we really know what we are wearing; what the person who made it stands for and what the clothes we have on say about us as individuals? I will leave that topic for another day, though…

Anyway, the way I fell down laughing when I did some research on the word Swag! And I am sure after this read, some guys are definitely going to refrain from referring to themselves as someone with Swag. Unless, of course, you are cool with being associated to a piece of cloth or a thief? Ha ha!

Dictionaries around the globe have so many meanings. Some describe it as illegally obtained goods; free stuff; a decorative garland; a valance (an item of window dressing).

The most interesting theory on the net now is that the term Swag was invented in the early 1960s by a group of gay men in Hollywood. It has been said to stand for ‘Secretly We Are Gay’ and most frequently used as code on posters announcing gay orgies.

Other shared theories on the origin of the word include: ‘Souvenirs, Wearable And Gifts’; ‘

Stuff We All Get‘; ‘Stuff We Ain’t Got‘; ‘Stolen Without A Gun‘; ‘ Sold Without A Guarantee‘.

So there are quite a few connotations to the word Swag which we so easily use in our every day conversations.

Another theory is that the word Swag is a corruption of the Scandinavian savage meaning “to rock unsteadily or lurch” and that this word entered the English language in the 13th or 14th century. Over time, its meaning evolved into that of ‘hanging loosely or heavily, to sag’ and by 1794 picked up the additional meanings of ‘booty or plunder’ and ‘a hanging wreath or garland’.

Perhaps the ‘hanging loosely or heavily, to sag’ refers to baggy jeans and big shirts and all that so easily thrown on a day out? That is my assumption.

However, there is not much out there that really con notes the word swag with a specific attitude or style of dress as is done by all local ‘Swaggers’. When somebody says “I got swag”, it is associated to the way he dresses, the way he speaks and his attitude.

And when I dug a little deeper, I found that mostly the word swag is connoted to many other things other than attitude and a dress style.

The only definition (out of the many that I have come across) close to what people locally perceive swag to be is one that says it is a slang originating from the Scottish word ‘swagger’ which was a description of the way some Scots walk (in a swaying motion). The word was altered in American language to mean “the way one presents oneself”.

However, the definition mainly found in almost all dictionaries would give you one related to a curtain or piece of fabric fastened to hang in a drooping curve, or money or goods taken by a thief or burglar, or a traveler’s or miner’s bundle of personal belongings.

So the next time you use the word swag or you say “I got swag”, at least now you’ll know what you are con noting yourself to.

Believe it or not, we are what we wear. Or at least society has a way of figuring out a personality or character just by looking at what the person is wearing. That’s life.

Just thought I’d share these findings with you on a word so profoundly used in society.
Just like myself, I trust many more are now a little bit cleverer



I Would Like To Share Some Funny Pictures With My Readers, About Some Old Ladies Enjoying Themselves – Whilst Making Suggestions For Their “Last Days”!.


Hahahahaaaaa Lol – Poor Old Lady. She Drink So Much, That She “Want To Be Bottled”!




Poor Women – “Over Worked And Under Paid. Lol

Wow Shooooo – Poor Ladies. The Way We Spend Our Life – Will Determine Our Last Wish And “End Results”. Live Wisely – Enjoy Life, But Try To Make Wise Decisions Whilst You Can.

Letter from A Teacher -To A Parent.


I Would Like To Share Another Funny S1tory With My Readers.
Letter from A Teacher To A Parent.
Dear Parent, Your Son Katongole, doesn’t smell nice in Class. Please Try and Bath Him.
Parent Reply:
Dear Teacher, My Son Katongole,
Is Not A ROSE! Don’t Smell him,
TEACH Him!!.

Wow Lol – Such An Arrogant Parent!


I 1601583_691131744264518_1992519372_n
I Would Like To Share This Funny Story With My Readers:

Imagine Your Teacher Gives You A Low Grade In The Exam, Then You Go And Complain To Your Dad At Home. He Then Writes “THIS LETTER BELOW”, Would You Take It To Your Teacher?

Dear “Teasher,”
Please I Not Like How You Gived My Children 2 Of 10 Marnks In Ebisam. I Have Look At The Sings Hi Wrotten, Be Is Vely Collect! So Why Are You Give Him 2 Of 10? What Is Them Why For Little Marnks?

Yours “Hungry”

Wow Lol



HIV: Hello! Who Is This?
*EBOLA: Your little sister EBOLA
HIV: Why are you using international number?
*EBOLA: I was in Liberia And Now I am in Nigeria.
HIV: How is the business?

*EBOLA: I am doing my job very well compared to you. You have been here for the last 30 years and you did little. I moved in Africa For The Last 30 Months And I am now the TALK of the whole continent.

HIV: I do my work slowly but sure.
*EBOLA: Where are you now?
HIV: I am in +264 currently.

*EBOLA: I wanted to come there via +254, +256 and then to +255 but I don’t have transport.
HIV: Please, sister don’t bother to come. These people have enough problems already.

*EBOLA: I won’t come because the population there is low. Who is there with you?
HIV: I am here with my friends MALARIA and TYPHOID. Right now, am in louges, hotels, clubs, inns and bars waiting for those men who leave their wives at home to look for me and the youth who cannot live without sex…….

Wow Lol


New Teacher’s First Day At School.

I would like to share a funny story with my Beloved Readers.

Student: “Sir, if I Mix  and Surf, will there be Foam?”

Teacher: “Of course, there will be Foam! What A Stupid Question so early in the Morning?”

Student: Whispering to his Classmate, “We didn’t even Add Water, but THERE IS FOAM ALREADY!”

Classmate: ” We can prepare ourselves, because if the Teacher acts like this, we will All FAIL LIKE FLIES cause there is already FOAM!”

Wow Lol Poor Kids already in for big trouble!



Tate Simon enters SPAR to buy himself Orange Juice and Sugar.

He paid for the orange juice and walks out with the sugar under hs arm unpaid. At the door he was arrested and locked up.

During the Court Hearing, the Judge asked him why he only paid for the juice and stole the sugar.

He replies: “Eish MEME, i do not steal. At the back of the juice bottle it said “SUGAR FREE”, you think i am stupid or what?”

Lol wow!

Lesson Learned: The way people interpret things differently! Wow some people’s minds lol