Obligations of Employers

Obligation of Employers – Requirements in Terms of Affirmative Action:

Employers have To Ensure that Suitable Qualified people from Designated Groups (DG’s), Women and People living with Disabilities, have Equal Employment Opportunities; and are Equitable Represented in all OccuPational Categories and Levels in the Workforce of the Employer!

Employers have To Put in Place Measures Designated to Further Diversity in the Workplace, Based on Equal Dignity and Respect for all People; Consult with Employees to Conduct an Analysis of the Workplace, to Establish an Equity Plan!

Employers should Report to the Director or General yearly on Progress made about The Implementing of the Affirmative Action and Equity Plan!

Employers should Report to the Commission for Employment Equity on Income Differentials in the Various Occupational Levels and Categories!

Employers should also Put in Place Measures to Retain and Developed Designated Groups (DG’s)!

Wow! Good Tips and Lessons for all Employers and those Planning to Start a Business, to stay within Legislation and stay out of Trouble by possibly Facing Labour Disputes!

Trudy Bock: Humans Rights Activist


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