Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect:

We should learn to Respect each other !
Learn to Respect other People’s Feelings (always think what to say before talking to people), their property, their positions on certain levels, etc.

Some people really don’t know how to Approached other people, yet they want to be Respected! Doesn’t work like that! We don’t need to En-force our “Bossy Attitude” on others and Deprive them from their Fundamental Human Rights not at all! Mostly at Workplaces and in some Traditional Marriages!

You GIVE Respect to GAIN Respect! Respect is a “Two-Way-Traffic”!

You Respect me, I Respect you! You can never FORCED/Threaten other people, if yourselves even don’t Respect Yourselves or Others! That we called “Selfishness”!

Mutual Respect is very Crucial in any Relationship, Marriage, Workplace, Community,etc. It is the “Pillar Stone” to Build a Good Foundation among the Nation at Large!

Husbands Respect your Wives!
Wives Respect your Husbands!
Children Respect your Parents!
Partners Respected your Spouses!
Employers Respect your Employees!
Employees Respect your Employers!

Mutual Respect is definitely the CORNER STONE of any Relationship!

Mutual RespectMutual RespectMutual RespectMutual Respect


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