Governance in South Africa


Governance in South Africa

I would like to share the following with my Readers posted by one of my Face Book Friends :

South Africa, the Country of Criminals:

The Current President was charged with Rape and Corruption. His Spokesperson is under investigation for corruption, and his Financial Advisor was in prison for corruption. The Former Po

lice Chief is in prison for corruption. The Current Police Chief is suspended because of allegations of corruption. The Chief of the Police’s Intelligence Unit is suspected of corruption, murder and kidnapping.

The Minister of Police is accused of corruption. The Former Ruling Party’s Leader is suspected of corruption. Cousins and nephews of Current and Former Presidents are accused of corruption. Because Mandela was in prison and came out a Hero doesn’t mean that all of you now must also go in.

Nelson Mandela was in prison because of Principle, not because he is a Criminal! He is not! Don’t Devalue his 27 years of Suffering in Prison!

Wow what An Informative Statement on Corruption in South Africa!



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