Gender Equality

Userpage icon for supporting gender equality.

Userpage icon for supporting gender equality. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Gender Equality




What is Gender?
There are Physical Differences between Women and Men that cannot be Changed: These are Called “Sex Differences“!


But there are Social Differences THAT CAN be Changed! Men and Women Have Different Roles in Different Communities! These Differences are GENDER DIFFERENCES!


Girls and Boys Develop ideas about what women and men are like from the women and men they see around them! But men and women in Different Cultures Behave Differently!


Men and Women Have also had Different Roles in Families and Societies at Different Times in History!


Gender Bias is when Men and Women are Treated Differently just because they are Male and Female!


This is DISCRIMINATION, which is Against the Namibian Constitution!


Gender Mainstreaming:
Women and Men in Positions of Political Power and Decision Making need to be made aware of this Issue of Children Concern and Have to take on the Implementation of the National Gender Policy as their URGENT DUTY!


The Participation of Women at all Levels of Decision Making in all Spheres of Society is Crucial for the Development of Democracy and the Realization of Women’s Human Rights!


There can be NO TRUE and Substantive Democracy without the Equal Participation of Women!


Planning to Establish an Women’s Organization? (Church, Youth, Political, etc), then please take not of all this Valuable information to Established Well-Organised Women’s Groups!


Trudy Bock – Humans Rights Activist





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