Fear of the Unknown – Trust in God

Fear of the Unknown – Trust in God

Our daily lives can so easily become overwhelmed with worry and fear of the unknown. But God has given us a Spirit of courage, not of fear and worry. We have to learn to turn to God in every situation. The end to worrying is to put you Trust in God!

Depression can be experienced at many levels and for many reasons. It’s rarely an easy thing to get out of depression and it is never easy to deal with depressed people. It can be a depressing situation. Am I depressing you yet?

Divorce is everywhere today, even inside of families that go to Church. And if your parents are in the midst of this difficult situation, you might feel like it is your fault or that life is spinning out of control. Reading the Bible will help you find God in the midst of the confusion and hurt you are experiencing.

This particular topic affects at least half of the people reading it. If you are checking out this reading plan, there is a good chance that you are dealing with divorced parents yourself or trying to help a friend. Let’s say this for the record. God hates divorce, but He doesn’t hate the people who divorced. As a child, it is never your fault for parents divorcing. While it doesn’t seem fair that you get to live with the mistakes of others, you are still responsible and accountable for what you believe and how you behave toward your parents. Let God’s Word give you some direction about divorce.

Drugs and alcohol can be incredibly tempting for anyone – because of pressure from friends, because of curiosity, and because of feeling hopeless. Try to read scripture that will lead you to God and His help as you navigate temptation and tough choices.

Drugs and alcohol continue to be big issues around the world. While the Bible doesn’t say much about cocaine, heroin or marijuana, we can assume that drugs are not a good choice for anyone. The Bible does talk about alcohol and has some pretty clear thoughts about it. Let me just say this as a side note. If you live in a country that has an age limit for alcohol consumption, you need to abide by the laws of your country. Thus, any alcohol consumption for anyone underage is breaking the law. This is black and white. Where it gets gray is when you become of age and have to make choices about alcohol. Read the following passages of scripture. Listen to the Spirit of God in you and begin today to decide how you are going to navigate the world of alcohol.

What if? What if? Have you ever dealt with the what-ifs? Entertaining the what-ifs in your life is the first step to being overtaken with worry. Worry is taking responsibility for things you were never intended to handle. Worry is a lack of trust in Jesus Christ the Son of God.

Took care and remember God is in Control Never Give up!


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