Death + Suicide

Death + Suicide

Death is something everyone has to deal with throughout life. So many questions arise and can shake us to the core. Reading the Bible will give you a brief look into what the Bible has to say about finding strength and comfort in the face of our mortality.

Death is a part of life. Most of us have experienced the sadness and grief that comes when someone we know is taken from us. Some deaths are easier to deal with than others, but regardless of the circumstance, it’s never any easy thing. So many questions arise in our hearts when we think about losing a loved one. Some people blame God and get angry and others just shut down. Very few people know how to handle death in a godly way. Fortunately for us, God wants to be our source of strength and comfort in times like this. Take a look at God’s heart toward you as you deal with a broken heart.

Life can be hard, depressing, and it can feel like the only way out is to end your life. But God created you, loves you, and has great things for you. Trusting and confining in Jesus will offer you hope, comfort, and a way out of the depression you are facing!

Suicide is the single most selfish act a person can commit. It is a permanent “solution” to a temporary problem. If you are contemplating suicide, please stop what you are doing and contact an adult that you trust immediately. God values you and does not want you to end your life. If you are trying to help someone who is dealing with suicidal thoughts, don’t carry this burden alone. Take that person with you to an adult you trust. A suicidal person generally believes that there is no hope so this reading topic is designed to give a person hope — the kind of hope that only God can offer.

Remember: Life is Precious Live it to the Fullest. Jesus Died on the Cross of Calvary, But He Rose Again On the Third Day! Life is Hope, Trust, Believe in God the Father!


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