Dating + Temptation

Dating + Temptation

What does God have to say about dating? By Regular Reading of the Bible it will give you a Biblical perspective, with a short passage to read each day. Read the passage, take time to honestly say on your situation, and allow God to speak into your heart.

This topic ranges from those who say it’s wrong to date anyone unless you plan to marry him or her to those who date all the time just for fun. While the Bible doesn’t use the word dating, it does offer some pretty direct principles for how to treat those of the opposite sex or a brother or sister in Christ. As always with the topic of relationships with the opposite sex, it’s a good idea to know your motives before the situation arises. What is the point of dating? Why do you want to get involved with this person? How does this relationship honor God? It’s not too late to learn how to date!

Temptation comes in so many forms. And it is easy to excuse our decisions and prove ourselves. Confining in Jesus also shows you that you can overcome temptation, through the Spirit of God. Take time to quiet your mind, let God speak into your life, and you will find strength to overcome the greatest temptations.

The devil made me do it!” This is an excuse that many people use to prove falling into temptation or losing control. While it is true that the enemy is roaming the earth seeking people to destroy; it is also true that a Christ follower has the power of God living inside of them. Is it wrong to be tempted? Who is responsible when you give into temptation or lose control? Do you have some options when you find yourself in a tough situation? The Bible has many things to say about temptation and self-control. Dig in to find out!

Remember: The Devil is A Big Time Liar and A Cheater! He never wants to see Anybody Happy! Rebuke the Devil in The Name of Jesus and He will Flee from You!



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