Cutting + Clothing

Cutting + Clothing

God is the creator and sustainer of your body. If you have Accepted Jesus, then your body is the place that the very Spirit of God dwells. You will learn the Truth that your Body is a Temple to be built up and Respected, not Beaten or Abused. Set it in your mind that you Need to honor God with your Body.

People have cut themselves for various reasons for a long time. We even have record of it in the Old Testament. Every occurrence is not something that God ever condoned. In fact, many times people cut to please their false god. Unfortunately, today many people have made themselves their own god so they think it’s OK to do whatever they want with their body. After all, it is your body, right? Who are we to tell people what to do with their body? Or so the argument goes. Usually cutting is the fruit of a problem stemming from a deeper issue in the root. If you get to the root, the fruit will follow suit!

Society puts a lot of importance on what Clothes a Person wears. So maybe you are wondering what the Bible has to say about how we should present ourselves – does it even matter? By Reading the Bible Thoroughly it will help you realize that it does matter because you are a Child of God.

Does the Bible really have a dress code? Well, not in the way that some of you may imagine, but it does offer some valuable Principles about Modesty. By Reading the Bible you will have to look past a few Cultural Realities of the Era when the Bible originates, but don’t miss the Principle. Why do you want to Dress the way you do? What is the Goal of Wearing a certain outfit? Be honest with yourself and be honest with God. If you Dress yourself in the Armor of God first, it should help direct you as you put on the Rest of your Clothes!

Remember: Your Body is the Temple of God Honor and Treat it Accordingly!


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