Women Human’s Rights

Close-up aerial photo of Swakopmund (Namibia)

Close-up aerial photo of Swakopmund (Namibia) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Women Human’s Rights

Hi I am Trudy Bock-Cloete residing in SwakopmundNamibia.

I am a very Intelligent, Independent, Responsible Matured Woman who Strongly Believes in Humans Rights to be Respected at all times.
I am a Human’s Write Activist and Strongly Supported our Bill Of Rights and Fundamental Human’s Rights Policy in Namibia.
I would like to Applaud Our Namibian Government and the Entire Nation at Large for the Current Peace+Stability,
Democracy + Freedom of Speech/Expression in Namibia Land of the Brave and for once more Celebrating 21st yrs of Independence in a Peace full Country!Long Live Namibia!
As a Human’s Rights Activist I am Strongly Against Immoral Immature Behaviors where our Women exposed themselves on Internet by sending and up loading Naked Body Pictures to total Strangers on these Internet Dating and Friendship Websites. Women we are the Mothers of the Nation and should therefore Uphold our Dignity and Pride and be A Good Example to our Spouses, Children, Families, Communities and the Nation at Large!
We must Respect our Bodies as this is Believed To Be The TEMPLE of GOD! How can we then Harbor God in such improper, disgraceful bodies?
To be Proud of your Body does not mean to Promote Indecent Behavioral Acts! To published Naked Pictures of our bodies as the Women+ Mothers of Namibia gives a very Bad Image to the Outside World! So my Humble Appeal to all Women out there please RESPECT Your Bodies and Allow God to Provide you with all your Daily Needs, since God is A Great Provider! Cast your Burdens Unto Him and He will Release you from your Problems! He said:”I know what Plans I have for you all Plans to Prosper You”!
Making Money by disposing Naked Body Picks is not the real Solution to your financial problems!
Women let’s share hands and Outcast “This Severe Virus of Indecent Proposals and Displaying Naked Body Pictures on Internet Websites“.

A True and Honest Man will never must those type of indecent disclosure, but indeed love you for who you are!

Women of Namibia! All Church Groups! Youth Groups! Political Groups! Let’s Join hands and “Out-Root” this Evil Habit from Namibia Land of the Brave! Viva to all Women!

Women’s Human RightsWomen Human’s RightsWomen Human’s Rights


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