I Would Like To Share With My Readers, The Outcome Of The Recent Elections Held In Namibia, Nov 2014.

Namibia Entered A New Era (1 December 2014) with the Announcement of the Final Results for the Presidential and National Assembly Elections , to be Implemented on 21 March 2015. A total of 890 738 people cast their votes in the Presidential Election, while 893 643 voted for their Representatives in the National Assembly Election.
This represent about 70% of the 1 241 194 registered voters in Namibia.

Namibia’s Third President, Dr Hage Geingob, received 86.73% of the total votes which is almost 8% more than the Swapo Party of Namibia itself. They Gained 77 of the 96 Seats in the National Assembly.
A Total of 715 026 people voted for Swapo.


Newcomers To Parliament:
List of National Assembly Members of the SWAPO Party:
To Be Implemented On 21 March 2015

SWAPO – Total Votes 715 026 – Seats 77
1. Nangolo Mbumba – (Secretary General)
2. Laura McLeod – (Deputy Secretary General)
3. Pohamba Shifeta
4. Agnes Kafula
5. Sebastian Karupu
6. Lucia Iipumbu
7. Bernard Esau
8. Priscilla Beukes
9. Tjekero Tweya
10. Lucia Witbooi
11. Charles Namoloh
12. Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah
13. Veikko Nekundi
14. Johanna Kandjimi
15. John Mutorwa
16. Alexia Manombe-Ncube
17. Alfeus !Naruseb
18. Doreen Sioka
19. Natangwe Iithete
20. Sophia Shaningwa
21. Tom Alweendo (President’s nomination)
22. Juliet Kavetuna
23. Calle Schlettwein
24. Christine //Hoebes (President’s nomination)
25. Erastus Utoni
26. Sylvia Makgone
27. Engel Nawatiseb (President’s nomination)
28. Agnes Tjongarero
29. Nicky Iyambo
30. Anna Shiweda (President’s nomination)
31. Asser Kapere
32. Lidwina Shapwa
33. Frans Kapofi (President’s nomination)
34. Ndilipo Namupala
35. Peter Katjavivi
36. Maureen Hinda-Mbaziira (President’s nomination)
37. Pieter van der Walt
38. Aino Kapewangolo
39. Hamunyera Hambyuka (President’s nomination)
40. Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila
41. Penda Ya Ndakolo
42. Bernadette Jagger (President’s nomination)
43. Erkki Nghimtina
44. Lucia Nghaamwa
45. Sankwasa James Sankwasa (President’s nomination)
46. Kornelia Shilunga
47. Sakeus Shanghala
48. Anna Hipondoka (President’s nomination)
49. Leon Jooste
50. Priscilla Kavita
51. Stanley Simataa
52. Rebecca Iipinge
53. Derek Klazen
54. Sophia Swartz
55. Usko Nghaamwa
56. Itah Kandji-Murangi
57. Immanuel Ngatjizeko
58. Eveline Taeyele-Nawases
59. Samuel Chief Ankara
60. Becky Ndjoze-Ojo
61. Tommy Nambahu
62. Annakletha Sikerete
63. /Ui/o/oo Royal
64. Faustina Caleb
65. Alpheus Muheua
66. Emilia Amupewa
67. Daniel Kashikola
68. Margaret Mahoto
69. Billy Mwaningange
70. Marina Kandumbu
71. Utoni Nujoma
72. Loide Kasingo
73. Peya Mushelenga
74. Norah Munsu
76. Ida Hoffman
77. Leevi Katoma


As expected, the DTA of Namibia will be The New Official Opposition in the Next Parliament.
The Party attracted 42 933 votes (4.8%) and its Presidential Candidate, McHenry Venaani, was also the runner-up in the Presidential Race where 44 271 people voted for him. The DTA will have five (5) Seats in the NA.

The Newcomers to Parliament are:
The Workers Revolutionary Party with 13 328 votes which represents two (2) Seats in the NA
The United People’s Movement (UPM), which gained one (1) seat with the 6 353 votes it received in the Election.

UDF will keep its two (2) Seats in the National Assembly with the 18 945 votes it received in the Election, while Nudo, who received 17941 votes, will also have two (2) Seats in the Assembly.

Ignatius Shixwameni’s All People Party increased its support from one (1) to two (2) Seats in the Assembly, with
20 431 people voting for the party.

Swanu and the Republican Party will remain with one (1) Seat, respectively receiving 6 354 and 6 099 votes.

President Hifikepunye stressed at the official announcement of the results that “Multi-Party Democracy” has been Rooted in Namibia, his Successor assured the Nation that he would be a President for all Namibians. “No-one will be left out,” Dr. Hage Geingob said.


References: Informante News Paper December 2014



  1. Good luck Mr. President, with you,
    we are not afraid of anything, you will always remain in our prayers

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