I Would Like To Share A Few Funny Pictures, Concerning The Recent Outbreak Of Ebola.





The Ebola Virus Have Killed A Lot Of People, During The Recent Outbreak.


Letter from A Teacher -To A Parent.


I Would Like To Share Another Funny S1tory With My Readers.
Letter from A Teacher To A Parent.
Dear Parent, Your Son Katongole, doesn’t smell nice in Class. Please Try and Bath Him.
Parent Reply:
Dear Teacher, My Son Katongole,
Is Not A ROSE! Don’t Smell him,
TEACH Him!!.

Wow Lol – Such An Arrogant Parent!


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I Would Like To Share This Funny Story With My Readers:

Imagine Your Teacher Gives You A Low Grade In The Exam, Then You Go And Complain To Your Dad At Home. He Then Writes “THIS LETTER BELOW”, Would You Take It To Your Teacher?

Dear “Teasher,”
Please I Not Like How You Gived My Children 2 Of 10 Marnks In Ebisam. I Have Look At The Sings Hi Wrotten, Be Is Vely Collect! So Why Are You Give Him 2 Of 10? What Is Them Why For Little Marnks?

Yours “Hungry”

Wow Lol



HIV: Hello! Who Is This?
*EBOLA: Your little sister EBOLA
HIV: Why are you using international number?
*EBOLA: I was in Liberia And Now I am in Nigeria.
HIV: How is the business?

*EBOLA: I am doing my job very well compared to you. You have been here for the last 30 years and you did little. I moved in Africa For The Last 30 Months And I am now the TALK of the whole continent.

HIV: I do my work slowly but sure.
*EBOLA: Where are you now?
HIV: I am in +264 currently.

*EBOLA: I wanted to come there via +254, +256 and then to +255 but I don’t have transport.
HIV: Please, sister don’t bother to come. These people have enough problems already.

*EBOLA: I won’t come because the population there is low. Who is there with you?
HIV: I am here with my friends MALARIA and TYPHOID. Right now, am in louges, hotels, clubs, inns and bars waiting for those men who leave their wives at home to look for me and the youth who cannot live without sex…….

Wow Lol