I would like to Share Another Money Laundering Scam with My readers.

I recently joined Badoo to make new friends. Once more I met two Guys using Profile Pictures of other people, reflecting driving expensive cars, luxury houses and wealthy life style to display a very Rich Life Style.

They both declare their undying love for me, and we keep along well until the “MONEY ISSUE” came in. The one Guy told me he want to Invest in my Country in Hotel and Hospitality Business and will deposit the Amount of US$2, 100.00 in my Bank Account to start the business whilst he is Working in Qatar Offshore on Telecom Pipes. He called me on Sunday Morning From London, informing me he is now on the Airport on his way to Qatar. his agent will keep in touch with me to arrange the Transfer of US$2, 100 000.00 (Two Million One Hundred Thousand United State Dollars), I played along to see what he was up to. In the evening he text me that he arrived safely in Qatar (forgetting he was using the same cell no he used in London). I was just laughing and keep on playing the game.

The Next day A Man with An British Accent called me on my cell from “An Unknown” number informing me he is the Agent in Qatar and that he sent me an email, awaiting my urgent response about the following:

My Personal Documents (I.D or Passport Numbers and Copies);
Account Activating Deposit of US$2, 650.00 in order for my account to be Active. They will give me a CASH ATM BANK CARD, to enable me TO WITHDRAW MONEY AT ANY ATM MACHINE in my Country! Download and Complete Forms they sent me indicating that I will be required to register A Non Resident Online Transit Account Application Form in my name, “According to their Banking Ethics” lol.

After reading the email I responded to him and raised the following questions:
1. How can A Stranger I only chat with on Badoo for A WEEK ENTRUSTED ME WITH SUCH A HUGE AMOUNT OF US$2,100 000.00?
2. Where will I get US$2,650.00 as Account Activation Deposit?
3. How can they give me with A CASH ATM BANK CARD, to enable me TO WITHDRAW MONEY AT ANY ATM MACHINE in my Country without My Bank Management noticing such a huge amount suddenly deposited in my cheque account?
4. Why can’t they follow the correct Banking Procedures?

He then send me a text again from a London cellphone no, whilst apparently in Qatar, telling me to make any plan to raise the said amount as soon as possible because it’s for our own benefit to start the Investment in my Country. Wow

After confronting him that I will report him for scam on Badoo, they both disappeared into thin air! The other Guy played the Role as “Agent in Qatar named as Abdul Mubarak with a strong British accent!

Lessons Learned: Please Be Vigilant for Online Scams on Various Dating Sites!



I would like to Share the following with my Readers.

A Man got married last year. After one year he started suspecting his Wife having an affair with someone else from outside. He then Installed a CCTV Camera in the Sitting Room and in their Bedroom, without the knowledge of his Wife.

He then went out for a week on a Work Mission. When he came back home, he caught his Wife having sex with another man. He went direct to the CCTV System and looked at what it had recorded.

He was shocked by what he saw. His Wife had having sex for 5 days out of the 7 days. Wow Poor Man!

Lesson Learned: Couples should at All Times be Faithful in any Relationship or Marriage!