I would like to share a funny joke with my Beloved Readers.

A Woman was having sex with her Lover in her Apartment, 20 storeys high. Suddenly she heard her Husband arrived.

She told the Lover,”Stay like a Statue and not to move”.

Husband: “Who is this?”

Wife: “This is a Robot i bought to have sex with me when you travel”.

Husband: “Ok let’s have sex now”.

Wife: ” No Sweetheart, I got my period. So I will go and make a cup of coffee for you”.

After she left the Husband said,”Damn it I am so horny. I will make love with the Robot although he is a male like me”.

He tried making love but the Lover started talking in a Robotic way,”SYSTEM ERROR! WRONG HOLE! SYSTEM ERROR! WRONG HOLE!”

Husband:  “Damn  Robot  is not working properly. I am throwing it out of the window”.

The Lover realised that he was on the 20th floor, so he said in a Robotic way,”SOFT WARE UPDATED, PLEASE TRY AGAIN!”

Lol Wow Poor Lover!

Lessons Learned: Never Cheat in any Relationship or Marriage!




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