Peter has a tendency of cheating on his Wife. 

Peter: “Marry can you please pack my back, cause I have to travel to Windhoek for A Meeting.”

Mary: “How long will you be absent from home this time? ”

Peter: “Darling, it will only be for the week. Don’t worry I will come home straight after the meeting.”

All this while Peter’s trips ended at their neighbors house a few Blocks away. Somebody tipped-off Mary and she played along!

The same night Mary knocked at her neighbors window whispering loud enough for her Husband to hear: “Madam sorry to disturb you this late but i am in a dilemma now.”

Johanna: “No problem how may I help you please? ”

Mary: “Now that my Husband is gone for the week, I met A Very Young Men but I ran out of condoms. Can you please help me out? ”

Mary’s Husband shouted from the bedroom: “Mary if I came back from Windhoek you will see. I will beat the hell out of you”.


Lessons Learned: Don’t do to others which you don’t want to be done to Teat others the same way you want to be treated!


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