Dog Funeral


Dog Funeral 

A crying man approaches the Pastor at the Local Church

Pastor: “Why are you crying my Beloved Brother?”

Man: “Pastor my dog died last night and i am so heart-broken. Will Pastor please bury my dog? ”

Pastor: “Sorry Brother, but we don’t bury animals. Why can’t you try the Baptist Church down the street? ”

Man: “Ok Pastor no problem, but did you think they will accept a donation of $250?”

Pastor: “Oh my Beloved Brother, why did you not tell me it was A Lutheran Dog?

Lol wow!

Lesson Learned: Greed and The Power of Money!





Peter has a tendency of cheating on his Wife. 

Peter: “Marry can you please pack my back, cause I have to travel to Windhoek for A Meeting.”

Mary: “How long will you be absent from home this time? ”

Peter: “Darling, it will only be for the week. Don’t worry I will come home straight after the meeting.”

All this while Peter’s trips ended at their neighbors house a few Blocks away. Somebody tipped-off Mary and she played along!

The same night Mary knocked at her neighbors window whispering loud enough for her Husband to hear: “Madam sorry to disturb you this late but i am in a dilemma now.”

Johanna: “No problem how may I help you please? ”

Mary: “Now that my Husband is gone for the week, I met A Very Young Men but I ran out of condoms. Can you please help me out? ”

Mary’s Husband shouted from the bedroom: “Mary if I came back from Windhoek you will see. I will beat the hell out of you”.


Lessons Learned: Don’t do to others which you don’t want to be done to Teat others the same way you want to be treated!



Tate Simon enters SPAR to buy himself Orange Juice and Sugar.

He paid for the orange juice and walks out with the sugar under hs arm unpaid. At the door he was arrested and locked up.

During the Court Hearing, the Judge asked him why he only paid for the juice and stole the sugar.

He replies: “Eish MEME, i do not steal. At the back of the juice bottle it said “SUGAR FREE”, you think i am stupid or what?”

Lol wow!

Lesson Learned: The way people interpret things differently! Wow some people’s minds lol