I would like to Share A Interesting Story between A Dying Woman and her Husband.

A Woman on her deathbed called her husband and instructed him to look under the bed and open the WOODEN BOX he found.

He was puzzled by the 3 Eggs and $7,000 in cash he found in THE WOODEN BOX, so he asked his Wife what the Eggs were for.

“Oh, those”, she replied. “Every time we had bad sex , I put an egg in the box”.

Not BAD, the Husband thought to himself, after 35 years of Marriage, and then he asked:

“But what about the $7,000?”

“Oh, that”, she replied, “every time I got a DOZEN I SOLD THEM.”    LOL


Wow  Poor Husband what a Shock and Humiliation after 35 years of Marriage!



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