I would like to Share an Interesting Story with my Readers.

A Little Boy, at a Wedding looks at his Dad and says:

“Daddy, why does the Girl WEAR WHITE?”

His Father replies: “The Bride is in WHITE because she’s HAPPY and this is the HAPPIEST DAY of her life, because Now She is in Control.”

The Boy thinks about this and then says:

“Well then, Daddy why is the Boy WEARING BLACK?”

The Father gave A HUGE SIGH looking at his Son and replies:

“Oh My Son, it’s very COMPLICATED cause this is the GREATEST DAY ALL MEN MAKE THE  BIGGEST MISTAKE TO GET MARRIED, just feeling like attending your OWN FUNERAL My Son.”

“Wow,” the Son replied. “But why can the boy NOT RUN AWAY Daddy?”

The Father looked at his Son with A VERY SAD facial expression and Replied: “Oh, Love IS BLIND, but MARRIAGE IS AN EYE-OPENER.”

The Boy looked at his Father and said: “Ok let’s go home Daddy, why should we then attend THE BOYS FUNERAL?”  LOL

Wow, The Secret of A HAPPY MARRIAGE Remains a Secret!





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