Singles Convention Prayer Session

Singles Convention Prayer Session

I would Like to Share A Very Interesting Prayer Session with my Readers.
During a Singles Convention, A Prayer Point was Raised that Everyone Should Pray for their Heart Desires.

A Sister Prayed, “Oh Lord, I Don’t Want to Marry a Short Man. Any Short Man that is Coming My Way, I Bound Him By Holy Ghost Fire!”

There was this Short Man Standing Next to Her who was Praying: “Oh Lord. I’m A Short Man but I’m a Billionaire…”

When the Sister Heard the Word Billionaire’, She Changed her Prayer, “Oh Lord, is that Your Voice? Who am I to Say No? I Will Marry the ‘Content’ and Ignore the ‘Container’. L.O.L.

Wow Daughters of Men!

Lesson Learned:  Some People Pretend A Lot and Attend Church Services for Wrong Reasons!


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