A Pastor’s Prayer

A Pastor’s Prayer

I would like to Share A Very Funny, but Interesting Prayer and Demon Out-Casting Session with My Readers.

Some Concerned Family Members Took One of Their Relatives To A Healing and Prayer Crusade.

The Pastor Started Praying For The Man Possessed with A Demon.
He says: “In The Name Of Jesus Demon What do you. Want from this Man?
Come Out Of this Man”.

The Demon Responded:”I Want Him to Win American Lotto Draw Worth
US $200 Billion Tonight”.

The Pastor was Very Shocked and Lowers The Microphone and Started Whispering:”In Jesus Name Get Out of Him and Enter Into Me”. L.O.L

Wow Strange What The Power Of Money can do to People. Even make them to forget their Morals and Principles!

Lesson Learned: Even the Pastor Fall Totally Forgot About His Christen Values. You Can’t Served God and Mammon (Money)!


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