Joke of the Day: Phone Call


Joke of the Day: Phone Call

I would like to Share A Very Funny “Communication Method” Between Husband and Wife with My Readers.

Husband and Wife Agreed that Anytime they “Want To Make Love”, they Will Call it “PHONE CALL”, so that the Kids will not Decode.

One Day the Husband sent his Son to Tell Mum that he want to “Make A Phone Call”. Mum replies, Babe please tell your Dad that “Network is Very Busy Today”.

Husband replies, my Son tell your Mum that if  Network is Busy at Home, I will go to a “Public Phone Boot”.

Wife replies in a very Angry Tune:  Tell your Dad if he dares, I will “Open A Business Centre”. Wow poor kid to be involved in all this “Marital Drama”. L.O.L

Lesson Learned: Parents should Stop Involving Kids in their Personal Disputes, caused this can lead to “Children Emotional and Mental Abuse” since its sometimes difficult for them to take sides.


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