Joke of The Day: Job Interview Session

 Joke of The Day: Job Interview Session

Job Interview Session

I would like to Share A Very Funny and Interesting Interview Session with My Readers

A Certain Company Advertised A Post in the Local News Papers. Sackey Applied for the Post, Shortlisted and Invited to Attend the Interview. The Chairperson Allow the Panel Members to Ask Sakey some Questions as follows:

Panel: Tell us about Yourself, your Background, Work Experience, Educational Qualifications.

Sackey: Refer to my CV. I don’t have Time to Repeat things and I would really like to Save Time.

Panel: What do you know about this Company?

Sackey: Irrelevant for Now. Ask me a Week after you have Appointed me and after I Familiarize myself with this Company.

Panel: Why are you Interested in Working for this Company?

Sackey: Why did you Advertise?

Panel: Why must we Employ you & not other Candidates?

Sackey: I don’t answer Irrelevant Questions. Decision is on You, so I don’t have to Decide for You.

Panel: What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Sackey: Strengths: I Fight Bosses, Weaknesses: I Always Leave Early Especially Fridays.

Panel: Describe when you had Disagreement with your Colleague & what you have Done?

Sackey: My Ex-boss & we don’t Talk to-Date.

Panel: Why do you want to Leave your Employer?

Sackey: Same Answer as Above.

Panel: Can you Tell us More About Yourself to Convince Us that you are Suitable For this Post?

Sackey: Unless You have Some Important Questions to Ask, I already told You that I don’t Answer Irrelevant Questions and Wasting Time. I am Not here to Talk About Myself.

Wow Poor Interview Panel. Who would like to Appoint such An Arrogant and Rude Employer

L.O.L. Some People’s Attitude Needs A Lot of Improvement!


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