Singles Convention Prayer Session

Singles Convention Prayer Session

I would Like to Share A Very Interesting Prayer Session with my Readers.
During a Singles Convention, A Prayer Point was Raised that Everyone Should Pray for their Heart Desires.

A Sister Prayed, “Oh Lord, I Don’t Want to Marry a Short Man. Any Short Man that is Coming My Way, I Bound Him By Holy Ghost Fire!”

There was this Short Man Standing Next to Her who was Praying: “Oh Lord. I’m A Short Man but I’m a Billionaire…”

When the Sister Heard the Word Billionaire’, She Changed her Prayer, “Oh Lord, is that Your Voice? Who am I to Say No? I Will Marry the ‘Content’ and Ignore the ‘Container’. L.O.L.

Wow Daughters of Men!

Lesson Learned:  Some People Pretend A Lot and Attend Church Services for Wrong Reasons!


A Pastor’s Prayer

A Pastor’s Prayer

I would like to Share A Very Funny, but Interesting Prayer and Demon Out-Casting Session with My Readers.

Some Concerned Family Members Took One of Their Relatives To A Healing and Prayer Crusade.

The Pastor Started Praying For The Man Possessed with A Demon.
He says: “In The Name Of Jesus Demon What do you. Want from this Man?
Come Out Of this Man”.

The Demon Responded:”I Want Him to Win American Lotto Draw Worth
US $200 Billion Tonight”.

The Pastor was Very Shocked and Lowers The Microphone and Started Whispering:”In Jesus Name Get Out of Him and Enter Into Me”. L.O.L

Wow Strange What The Power Of Money can do to People. Even make them to forget their Morals and Principles!

Lesson Learned: Even the Pastor Fall Totally Forgot About His Christen Values. You Can’t Served God and Mammon (Money)!

Joke of the Day: Phone Call


Joke of the Day: Phone Call

I would like to Share A Very Funny “Communication Method” Between Husband and Wife with My Readers.

Husband and Wife Agreed that Anytime they “Want To Make Love”, they Will Call it “PHONE CALL”, so that the Kids will not Decode.

One Day the Husband sent his Son to Tell Mum that he want to “Make A Phone Call”. Mum replies, Babe please tell your Dad that “Network is Very Busy Today”.

Husband replies, my Son tell your Mum that if  Network is Busy at Home, I will go to a “Public Phone Boot”.

Wife replies in a very Angry Tune:  Tell your Dad if he dares, I will “Open A Business Centre”. Wow poor kid to be involved in all this “Marital Drama”. L.O.L

Lesson Learned: Parents should Stop Involving Kids in their Personal Disputes, caused this can lead to “Children Emotional and Mental Abuse” since its sometimes difficult for them to take sides.

Ascension Day

Ascension Day

I would like to Wish All My Readers A Blessed Ascension Day.

What is the Meaning of Ascension Day and Why do We Need to Commemorate this Special Day?

The Feast of the Ascension, also known as Ascension Thursday, Holy Thursday, or Ascension Day, Commemorates the Bodily Ascension of Jesus into Heaven. It is One of The Ecumenical Fasts (i.e., Universally Celebrated) of Christian Churches, Ranking with the Feasts of The Passion, of Easter, and Pentecost.

In the Roman Catholic Church it is also known as The Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord. Ascension Day is Traditionally Celebrated on a Thursday, The Fortieth Day of Easter.

The Ascension Implies “Jesus’ Humanity being Taken Into Heaven.

The Feast of the Ascension, also known as Ascension Thursday, Holy Thursday. The fortieth day after Easter Sunday, commemorating the Ascension of Christ into Heaven According to Mark 16:19, Luke 24:51, and Acts 1:2.

Jesus said: ” I am going To Prepare A Place for you in my Father’s House, but I Will Not Leave you Alone! I Will Leave Behind The Holly Spirit-The Comforter to Comfort You”, Give You Wisdom and Guide You!And Great Understanding. Who so Ever Lacks Wisdom, Let him or she Pray!

Lesson Learned: Jesus Truly Love and Care for Us!

Blessed Ascension Day.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

I would like to Wish All the Mothers (Including My Readers) Across the Border A Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day on this Special Sunday 12th May 2012.

Moms are Always There for Us.
Moms Shape Lives and Inspire Dreams.
Moms are the Heart of the Family.
Moms are the Foundation and Educator.

What is A House Without A Mother? Appreciate your Mom/Wife and Give Her Flowers whilst She is Still Alive.
Show her Your Deepest, Sincere Honest Love.

Cleanse Your Heart by REPENTANCE!
Bath Thoroughly In The Word Of God!
Stay Moisturized with PRAYER!
Apply FORGIVENESS to Keep Wrinkles Away!
Sprinkle Yourself With LOVE, it’s the Sweetest Perfume!

Dash On Plenty Of PATIENCE!
FAITH is the Key to Ageing Gracefully and Slow!

Wear A SMILE to Give Your Face A Perfect Glow

Have A Wonderful and Blessed Mother’s Day Celebrations!

Subject: Revealing The Master Mind Behind Online Fake Scam Money Laundering Syndicate

Revealing The Master Mind Behind Online Fake Scam Money Laundering Syndicate

I would like to share the following Important Investigation on “Online Money Laundering Game” from A Very Well Known Dating Service:

I Read many Complaints from Innocent and Vulnerable Men and Women Ribbed Off on their Hard Earned Money by Online Fake Dating Money Laundering Games. I decided to make A Case Study and “Played Along” Joining the Online Dating Game. I Managed to Finally Unveiled the Master Mind behind the Online Fake Scam Money Laundering Guys! After a Short while I Observed that it is the Same Person, Same Writing Style, Different Fake Names, Different Fake Locations Wow “MASTER MIND”!
If I  ignored chatting with one of the five,  then immediately the other one log on. All this while I Played along with their Mind Sick Game.
I exactly know who “The Main Master Mind” where since the Very First Day that’s why I played along pretending to attend to all Fake different Profiles, different Locations and Different Names with Different Profile Pictures! Their Writing Style and Introduction was exactly the same “copy and paste” in all their Fake Profiles giving themselves different Names pretending they were in Love with me giving me Fake Phone Calls, but stopped when I failed to send them money via Western Union!

Never Judge A Book By its Cover! At many times they gave their Game Away by “even once called me A CHEATER”! How did they knew that I was cheating on them if they never played along giving themselves Different Names? Also once asked me: “Are you Still here on this Online Dating Service”? “Did you not find yourself A Man yet”? Also asked me twice “For how Many Men did you send those Emails of fake US Army Soldiers”! I asked them at many Occasions: “How Stupid do they think I am”? Interesting enough ALL ROADS LEADS TO ROME thy said! US, UK, Ghana and Nigeria Proofed themselves The Master Mind Online Scam Gangsters in Money Laundering!

I monitored the Writing Style of all these Fake Brain Sick Scam Online Money Laundering Sharks! Almost the same date of Birth and Same Job, only different Locations and Profile Pictures. They All Start off Being “Engineers” some working on the Deep Sea and 2/3 of them “Dealing in Crude Oil” only a Minority are “Businessmen also Dealing in Crude Oil”. Interesting enough all of them are from USA but some “Working on Contract Basis” in UK or Nigeria! For a while they all do fine “Until they Decided to Travel to Nigeria for Business”!  One of them told me that he purchased Gold Worth 2.1 Million in Nigeria to take along to USA to Open his Own Jewelry Shop. The Business Deals went well until they all end up being Stopped by Immigration Officials Demanding “More Money for Transporting Stuff” Out of Nigeria and there is where the Most Interesting Part Began! They now Contacting Me “Very Stressed Out” to Assist them with either $1000 to $2000 US$ “To Pay” for the Immigration Officials expecting me to “Send the Money through Western Union”. The Moment I informed them that I don’t have Money some even starting Insulting me and Calling Me Bad Names about “Being Poor” and end the Friendship disappearing Into Thin Air looking for the Next innocent Victim!

One of the Fake Guys send me an Email Confessing as follows when I approached him:

I have A Confession to make. I am in to Hacking and Scamming People. The Picture you saw on the Dating Service is NOT THE REAL ME!  I used the Picture to Scam People.   I have made Millions with this Job.  Sometimes I will make 25, 000 US $ from one Person.  I made the Person Fall In Love with me, Pretending I am in Afghanistan and Claim that I don’t have access to my Bank Accounts and that the US Army take care of us .  I will then later asking her to send me Money Via Western Union.  Sometimes one can make up to 150, 000 US $, that’s if the Victim is Rich!  I am from A Poor Home and the Money I make through this what My Parents and Siblings Survive on.  I cant find any Job due to the High Unemployment Situation in Our Country”. Wow

My Advise to People Joining Online Dating Services: Be Vigilant at All Times for Tricks like this, preventing Loosing Your Hard Earned Money!

Prayer For All Workers on 1st May 2012

Prayer For All Workers on 1st May 2012

I would like to share the following Prayer from One Of Our National Leaders for All Workers (including My Readers):

Dear God we Humble Ourselves before Thee and Pray on this Day that You Bless Us All as Workers.

 Bless those Workers Especially who keep our homes and country clean and those Farm Workers with the Lowest Salaries.

 Save those who are Enslaved in Human Trafficking, Free them Oh Lord, Amen.

Blessed May Day !

Lesson Learned: We Need to Pray for Our Work Force and not just want them to Work and Deliver Services without being Appreciated.