Joke of the Day: Young Boy Dated A Married Woman

Joke of the Day: Young Boy Dated A Married Woman

I would like to share A very funny Joke with My Readers:

A 18 year Old Boy asked A Married Woman Out. The Woman got Very Angry and told her Husband about it.  The Husband told the Woman “to Invite” the boy so that he could beat him. The Husband would “hide under the bed”.

The Woman did as her Husband requested. When the boy got there, he kissed the Woman and took off his T-Shirt. His body was full of scars so the Woman asked why his body was full of scars. The boy replied: “I like sleeping with Married Women” and usually i get caught. So I kill the Husband and “MARK MY BODY AS A COUNT”. If someone shows up now, he will be number 20 on MY MURDER LIST!

The boy continued kissing the Woman and the Woman tried to reach out to her Husband under the bed. A small voice came up under the bed: “If you dare put your hands on me, i would kill you, better let the boy Finish and GO. I can’t RISK LOOSING MY LIFE FOR YOU”.  L.O.L.

Wow poor Woman!

Lesson Learned: Always watch out for TRAPS like this. People can easily talk you into Trouble and Failed to Assist you when Things went Wrong!


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