The Fear of Victimization


The Fear of Victimization

I Strongly Believed in “All People’s Fundamental Human Rights” to be Respected at All Times!

The Fear of Victimization caused a lot of Problems in Our Society. Often BAD THINGS passed by without being Reported since People Living in Fear for their Lives.

The Mail & Guardian in South Africa has won a l\Landmark Case for Media Freedom after a Judge Ruled that Journalists “are Not Obliged to Reveal their Sources”.

This is great as it means that Sources don’t have to Worry about them being Victimized when they Provide Information to Journalists. This means that more people can Reveal more Information about “BAD THINGS” happening in our Communities and Society at Large! Whistle Blowers are safe to Reported Fearless.

We wish that this could also happen in Other Countries as well for many people to “Speak Out” and STOP LIVING IN FEAR!

Trudy Bock-Cloete Human Rights Activist.


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