Joke of The Day: Newly Launched N$10 Note in Namibia

Joke of The Day:  Newly Launched N$10 Note in Namibia

I would like to share this Funny Joke with My Readers

A Nama Speaking Lady went to Shoprite for shopping. After purchasing her Groceries she came at the Pay Point and with a Smile took out A N$ 200 and paid.

The Lady received the Receipt and A “Newly Launched N$ 10 Note with the Face of the Former President and Founding Father Dr. Sam Nujoma’s  on it

She was very upset and start shouting loud: “No, no, no give me “Nama Change” back because I paid you with A N$ 200 Note with the face of our Former Late Nama Chief Hendrik Witbooi!

The more the Shop Assistant tried to explained to the Nama speaking Lady that the Currency has been “CHANGED” and the “New N$ 10 Note was Launched on 21st March 2012 during Namibia’s 22nd Anniversary, the louder the Lady shouted.

Lesson Learned: “Change” overall is very difficult to Accept in Our Society.


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