Who is that FOOL?

Marriage with a Fool

Marriage with a Fool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Who is that Fool?


A Man were arguing with his Wife. In the heat of the Argument, Wife called him a Fool.


Husband got Angry and said he could not be called a FOOL by a Woman, not even his Wife, so, she must leave his house. Neighbors intervened and solved the problem . But the wife was still nursing Anger.


Later that night it rained heavily, and it was so cold the Husband wanted to Perform his Manly Duty, Sneaking his hand to touch his Wife’s Laps in the dark, the Wife said: “Who is that FOOL?”


The Husband gently and quietly answered, “It’s me, Honey”.


Arguments, Disagreements and Misunderstandings is An Integral Part of Any Relation or Marriage!




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