The Pastor’s Reward

Joke of the Day: The Pastor’s Reward!

A Pastor and a Taxi Driver called John came together in Heaven appearing before Angel Gabriel.

The Angel gave the Pastor a hat and a black coat, and gave the Taxi Driver a white coat and a Huge Castle!

The Pastor were Very Upset and asked the Angel: “Why is the Taxi Driver’s Reward better then Mine? Indeed I am A Pastor and he is only A Taxi Driver!”

The Angel responded: “As A Pastor you did not Performed your Duties Correctly because most of the times when you are Preaching your Congregation is Sleeping”!

When the Taxi Driver is Speeding and Driving Recklessly, most of the times all his Customers are Praying! Lol

Lesson Learned: Never Underestimate or Judge Other People and think you might be better than others!


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