The Purpose of Easter

Purpose of Easter:

I would like to share the Purpose of Easter with my Readers:

A Woman recently sharing the Following on Good Friday: ” I will never forget the day I called my Dad after not talking to him for 7 years & 27 years of Holding on to Hate”. Glory To God in The Highest! Forgive + Forget! Life Goes on Don’t Look Back!

For Many Of Us Easter is A Time For DRINKING+PARTY, and We Tend To Forget the Actual Purpose of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday!

Easter is A Time to do Self Introspection on Your Past Life + Correct Your Past Mistakes + Forgiving Others and REPENT!

Imagine we drinking and celebrating on Good Friday whilst Jesus being Beaten Up, Brutalized, Humiliated! What A Contradiction?

I Hope + Pray that we all Starting FRESH after Good Friday + Resurrection Sunday!

Copy and Paste from Jesus Example! So Amazing when Jesus was Brutalized + Humiliated and Even Killed for Our Sins He Never said: “I will Never Talk to you again or I hate you” AS MANY OF US TEND TO DO!

Indeed Jesus Said: “FORGIVE Them cause They Don’t Know What They Are Doing”!

Wow Can we do the same? Society is funny; they say be yourself and then they Judge you!

Before you open your mouth to judge someone open your eyes and look at yourself in the mirror!

Lessons Learned! Forgive Others Who Offended You!

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