Ever Nagging Wife:

Happy Times Funerals Local shops on the A20. P...

Happy Times Funerals Local shops on the A20. Probably not the best named businesses to be placed next to each other. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever Nagging Wife:

I would like to share a very funny story with my Readers:

A Man and his ever nagging Wife were on a holiday trip in Jerusalem when the wife died suddenly.

The Undertaker said it will cost $5,000 to ship her home or $50 to bury her in Jerusalem.

The Husband immediately said:” ship her home”.

The Undertaker was very surprised and said: “but Sir why don’t u bury her in the Holy Land and save the money”?

The Husband said to him: “A long,long,long time ago a Man called Jesus was also buried here and  three days later He Rose from the dead…”! I can’t take the change with this “Ever Nagging Woman”. No Way Sir!!

Wow poor Woman being Buried so far from home in a Foreign Country, just because she could not “Control her Tongue+Temper”!

Lesson Learned to all Women: Some times its better to “put a deaf ear” and “blind eye” and overlooking some issues just to keep up Peace!


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