Joke of the Day: Young Boy Dated A Married Woman

Joke of the Day: Young Boy Dated A Married Woman

I would like to share A very funny Joke with My Readers:

A 18 year Old Boy asked A Married Woman Out. The Woman got Very Angry and told her Husband about it.  The Husband told the Woman “to Invite” the boy so that he could beat him. The Husband would “hide under the bed”.

The Woman did as her Husband requested. When the boy got there, he kissed the Woman and took off his T-Shirt. His body was full of scars so the Woman asked why his body was full of scars. The boy replied: “I like sleeping with Married Women” and usually i get caught. So I kill the Husband and “MARK MY BODY AS A COUNT”. If someone shows up now, he will be number 20 on MY MURDER LIST!

The boy continued kissing the Woman and the Woman tried to reach out to her Husband under the bed. A small voice came up under the bed: “If you dare put your hands on me, i would kill you, better let the boy Finish and GO. I can’t RISK LOOSING MY LIFE FOR YOU”.  L.O.L.

Wow poor Woman!

Lesson Learned: Always watch out for TRAPS like this. People can easily talk you into Trouble and Failed to Assist you when Things went Wrong!


The Fear of Victimization


The Fear of Victimization

I Strongly Believed in “All People’s Fundamental Human Rights” to be Respected at All Times!

The Fear of Victimization caused a lot of Problems in Our Society. Often BAD THINGS passed by without being Reported since People Living in Fear for their Lives.

The Mail & Guardian in South Africa has won a l\Landmark Case for Media Freedom after a Judge Ruled that Journalists “are Not Obliged to Reveal their Sources”.

This is great as it means that Sources don’t have to Worry about them being Victimized when they Provide Information to Journalists. This means that more people can Reveal more Information about “BAD THINGS” happening in our Communities and Society at Large! Whistle Blowers are safe to Reported Fearless.

We wish that this could also happen in Other Countries as well for many people to “Speak Out” and STOP LIVING IN FEAR!

Trudy Bock-Cloete Human Rights Activist.




I would like to share the following FUNNY CONVERSATION between A Pharmacist Sales Lady and A Very Fat Woman:

A Very Fat Woman entered A Pharmacy looking around through the shelves in search for some hair products. After a while the Sales Lady approached her and ask the following question:

Sales Lady: Excuse me Madam, are you perhaps interested in Dieting Pills? It’s over there in the next corner.

Fat Lady: No, what made you think I would be?

Sales Lady: You seems to have a “PROBLEM WITH YOUR WEIGHT”!

Fat Lady: A Thousand Times NO…. Its you and the rest of the World that have a Problem with my Weight. I am PHAT Not FAT!

Sales Lady: Sorry, but what do you mean?

Fat Lady: I said I am PHAT – PRETTY HOT AND THICK!

Sales Lady: (Looks Very Embarrassed) I did not mean to Offended you Madam!

Fat Lady: No… I am Not Dear!

Sales Lady: I Love your Attitude… I wish All “BIG LADIES” could Talk like you.


Sales Lady: Wow Madam, you know yourself né…?

Fat Lady: Yeah of course, I “KNOW MY WORTH”!

Sales Lady: So you don’t “DIET’?

Fat Lady: No I “WORKOUT” a lot.

Sales Lady: Wow, I like you!

Fat Lady: Thanks!

Wow, Talking about Self Confidence! L.O.L.

Joke of The Day: Newly Launched N$10 Note in Namibia

Joke of The Day:  Newly Launched N$10 Note in Namibia

I would like to share this Funny Joke with My Readers

A Nama Speaking Lady went to Shoprite for shopping. After purchasing her Groceries she came at the Pay Point and with a Smile took out A N$ 200 and paid.

The Lady received the Receipt and A “Newly Launched N$ 10 Note with the Face of the Former President and Founding Father Dr. Sam Nujoma’s  on it

She was very upset and start shouting loud: “No, no, no give me “Nama Change” back because I paid you with A N$ 200 Note with the face of our Former Late Nama Chief Hendrik Witbooi!

The more the Shop Assistant tried to explained to the Nama speaking Lady that the Currency has been “CHANGED” and the “New N$ 10 Note was Launched on 21st March 2012 during Namibia’s 22nd Anniversary, the louder the Lady shouted.

Lesson Learned: “Change” overall is very difficult to Accept in Our Society.

Why 98% of People Failed!

Why 98% of people failed!

Only 2% of people EVER become Financially Secure. Why?

Because of their mind set, their beliefs, their attitudes and their actions. I decided long ago that I was going to be part of the 2%. What about you? Have you made that decision?

Until you make that decision, you will keep doing the things that cause your financial failure. When you have decided that you are going to be part of the 2% that succeed, then your actions and attitudes change. Your whole life takes a positive direction. You become someone that succeeds in every area of life as well. Make that decision.

Whether you use our APIC system, or are involved in any other, decide that you will do what it takes to become part of the 2%.

I am going to succeed
I will be part of the 2%
I will be financially secure
Only 2% of people EVER become financially secure!

Wow that’s for sure! Hmmm Wisdom is Knowledge!

The Pastor’s Reward

Joke of the Day: The Pastor’s Reward!

A Pastor and a Taxi Driver called John came together in Heaven appearing before Angel Gabriel.

The Angel gave the Pastor a hat and a black coat, and gave the Taxi Driver a white coat and a Huge Castle!

The Pastor were Very Upset and asked the Angel: “Why is the Taxi Driver’s Reward better then Mine? Indeed I am A Pastor and he is only A Taxi Driver!”

The Angel responded: “As A Pastor you did not Performed your Duties Correctly because most of the times when you are Preaching your Congregation is Sleeping”!

When the Taxi Driver is Speeding and Driving Recklessly, most of the times all his Customers are Praying! Lol

Lesson Learned: Never Underestimate or Judge Other People and think you might be better than others!

The Two Thieves

Kelli Big Boobs

The Two Thieves!

A Lady with “Big Boobs” entered a Bus.

She has a Rosary around her neck with the Cross between her “Two Big Boobs”.


Rosary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Guy beside her couldn’t help starring, knowing the Guy has been starring for over 15mins, the Lady asked: “Are you looking at Jesus

Christ who Died on the Cross on Good Friday“?

The Guy replied: No! I’m actually looking at the “Two Thieves” beside Him!

Wow some people’s mind of thinking!