Unfaithful Wife’s

The Unfaithful

The Unfaithful (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why did Women Cheated on their Spouses?

It is very SAD to catch your Wife in your own bedroom with another Man.

More Often it has been found that Women are Cheating on their Working Husbands.

Wives monitored their Spouses movements. working hours, long shifts while the Men are trying their level best to earn income to Sustain the house hold and pay the bills. In return their Wives are cheating on them with other Men or even more worst with the Spouses Best Friends.

Some Women really seems to lose focus and want to make “extra money” by sleeping around with other Men, whilst their Husbands work long hours to fulfill in all her Needs.

The “Most Targeted” Group of Men are Mine Workers, Fishermen, Men in Uniform (e.g. Soldiers, Navy, Air Force and Business Men (most of the time route). Honestly speaking, why should people be so greedy to want more in life just for selfish reasons? in some cases their might be also other contributing factors e.g. some Spouses focuses too much on their work, money and status and neglect their Wives failing to give them more Love and Comfort. A Women Needs Love, Nurtured, Valued and Appreciated which some Men fail to fulfill. Indeed there are always “Two Sides” of a Story!

Word of Advise: Women try to talk to your Spouses explaining them what makes you unhappy in the Relationship or Marriage. Seek for Professional Assistance Marriage Counselors, Pastors or Other Services). Some Men might also be very Arrogant or Abusive!

Lastly, Women please remember that “Our Bodies are the Temple of God and that we should honor and treat it so. How will you feel if you find out your Men are Cheating on you? Never do Bad to others and Treat them in the same Manner you want expected to Treated!


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