What is Discipline?

The Fifth Discipline

The Fifth Discipline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is Discipline?

I would like to Share the following Thoughts with my Readers:

.. Discipline is about doing the right thing at the right time. It is all about control. No one can discipline you for you. You discipline yourself by

.. Discipline is operating as commanded not as convenient.

.. Discipline is bringing yourself under necessity so that you can carry out given task.

.. It is operating under Divine instruction which is the highway to distinction.

Areas to exercise Discipline?

1. Discipline your appetite.

2. Discipline your hearing.

.. Choose what to hear. What you hear is what you believe and what you believe is eventually what you become.

3. Discipline your tongue. Your life move in the direction of your speech.

.. You can not arrive at the palace talking as a peasant.

4. Discipline your spending.

.. Don’t spend on impulse, spend on budget. Live your size per time.

5. Discipline your time. Time is the currency of life.

.. You either spend your time or investing you time. You can not stop time, you can not store time neither reversed time.

6. Discipline your sleep.

.. Sleep is a thief of destiny.

Lastly, Remember that Discipline plays an Integral Role in Our Daily Lives.


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