Perserverance – Never Give Up!

The Audacity of God's Power, a spiritual motiv...

The Audacity of God's Power, a spiritual motivational book released by Femi Folorunsho (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Encouragement: In Life we all go through Hardship and Obstacles, but we should Learn to be Strong and Keep Focused! Never Give Up on Yourself Easily!

I would like to Encourage all My Readers with the Following Motivational Words:

Obstacles cannot Crush you, every Obstacle yields to Stern Resolve!

Failure is the Key to Success; each Mistake Teaches us something.

How Sublime a thing it is to Suffer and Be Strong!

Everything comes if a Man will only Wait in Patience! Indeed Good things comes to those who waits in Diligence!

The First Quality that is needed is Audacity.

Do not be Afraid of Defeat. You are never so near to Victory as when Defeated in a Good Cause!

Courage is Resistance to Fear, Mastery of Fear, Not Absence of Fear!

Therefore don’t Worry when you are Not Recognized, but rather Strive to be Worthy of Recognition!

Always remember that the Greatest Intellectual Capacities are only found in Connection with a Vehement and Passionate Will.

Looked at a day when you are Supremely Satisfied at the end. It is not a Day when you Lounge around doing Nothing; it’s when you’ve had everytingh to do, and you’ve done it.

Each Day is a Little Life; every Waking and Rising is a Little Birth; every Fresh Morning a Little Youth; every Going to Rest and Sleep a Little Death. Success is Never Found. Failure is Never Fatal. Courage is the Only thing.

Remember: Hard Times Never Kill but indeed Builds Your Character!


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