Power of Prayer

Power of Prayer

The Prayer of a Strong Believer has Tremendous Power! King James Chapter 5!

The Resources of Heaven are Equal to any Problem you’ll ever have face!

It doesn’t take Great Men to do Great Things, just those who are Greatly Dedicated to doing them!

We should never be Afraid of Tears. They Soften our Hearts, Wash our eyes, and Clear our Vision!

Let us be Children in Faith. In Unconditional Love, and in Happiness. Let us be Adults in Experience, in Compassion and in Wisdom!

Unlock your Potential by Tapping into Heaven’s Resources!

You Never Appreciate Your Blessings as much as when they’re gone!

If you Feel like you’re Struggling on your Own, why not Reaching out to God in Prayer for Help! Prayer can do Miracles, Changing the Impossible into the Possible!

Remember, the Life you Live will soon be Past; But the Things you do for Love will Last!

Lastly, Every Disappointment in Life can be A Steppingstone to Greater Things! All is Possible with Prayer!

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