Daily Devotion

Daily Devotion

God Love you Unconditionally, no matter what you have done; He is a Forgiving Father!

Never Treat Him like your Lawyer, only when you Need him to help you out of a Situation and Forget about Him as soon as ur passed your Difficulties!

Trust in Him, Believe in Him, Confide in Him with your whole heart, soul and Mind!

Always think Positive, Encouraging, Uplifting Thoughts, and the Negative will soon Disappear since all is Possible With God on your Side!

God Loves you. He’s Loved you from the very Beginning and He will Love you to the End!

Remember that Money can buy you a lot of nice things, but all the money in the world can’t buy Contentment!

Lastly, the Love of God is more Constant than Any Other Love you will ever Find!


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