Fun and Laugther

Fun and Laughter

A certain Middle Age Man trying to study for obtaining a Driving License. He found it very difficult to memorize all the different Road Signs in the Book!

After finally managed to Passed his Driving License Test the man happily set off on the long road all alone by himself!

When approaching all the Road Signs he start Memorizing it Loudly! STOP I have to stop!

On his way along the road he all of a Sudden saw the Road Sign Warning of Kudu’s in that specific area warning all drivers to be vigilant and careful!

Since the color of the Sign is also RED+WHITE (like the STOP Sign) the Middle age man stop right in front of the sign.

A Traffic Officer doing Road Patrolling Observed this parked car and approached the middle age man asking: Is there any problem Sir? Why are you parking the car for so long along the road?

The Middle Age Man was very surprised by the question from the Traffic Official and replied: Sir are you Blind? Can’t you see the STOP Sign for Kudu’s? I am waiting now more than three hours for the Kudu’s to pass by in order for me to proceed, since they are delaying my trip!

The Traffic Official start smiling and give the man the go-ahead to proceed!

The Middle Age Man Replied: Ok Sir if you say so, but remember I also note down the Registration number of your car, so if I proceed and any Kudu jumped into my car and caused damages, I swear we will see each other in Court!

Wow, the mind of some people!

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