If you’ve been Shown Mercy and Forgiveness by those whom you’ve Wronged, don’t Hinder the Ripple Effect!

Show Mercy and Forgiveness to Others who’ve Wronged You!

Falling Down doesn’t Matter nearly as much as Getting Up and Trying again!

Call someone today you Know who Hurt you and tell them what you Appreciate the Most about them!

The Tongue is a Sword or a Magic Wand. It can Cut and Kill, or Love and Heal! Read King James Chapter 3!

Communication from the Heart is a Precious Expression of Love. Write that Letter or Make that Call today to Reconcile with those who Offended you!

Remember, Cursing a Flat Tire does not Fix it!

Lastly, Set your Heart Free to Fully Live and Love by Leaving Behind the Hurts of Bygone Days!

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