Joke of the Day

Joke of the Day

Son to his Father: Dad please keep me in your Prayers cause we are writing exams tomorrow!

Dad replied: No problem I will always be there for you my son no matter what!

Son to his father: Thanks Dad I will always remember that!

The next day the boy came from school with a very unhappy facial expression!

Father asked: What happened my son? Why are you having that sad facial expression on your face?

Son Replied: Dad remember you said no matter what happened you will always be there for me!

Father replied: Of course my son so tell Daddy what is the problem? Did you Passed your Test?

Son: No Dad no I Failed the Test!
Father: Never again call me Dad!

Son: No Dad its only my School Test and not my DNA Test! You are still my Dad!

Wow the mind of children!

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