Fun and Laughter

Fun and Laughter

A Policeman on his Night Duty Rounds saw a Skeleton running in the street with his Tombstone under his arms!

The Policeman was very shocked and ran after the skeleton! The skeleton ran straight into the Shebeen/Bar and joined the noisy party to the fullest!

After a while the Policeman entered the Shebeen/Bar very exhausted of running and approached the Skeleton asking him:

Why are you carrying your Tombstone under your arms this time of the night? The Skeleton replied: Sir nowadays we are asked to Proof our Identity at Shebeens/Bar before you enter! Since the Notification Sign outside clearly said: No under-age allowed and the Right of Permission Reserved!

Wow, that’s what we get if we asked the Youth nowadays for their Identity at Shebeens/Bar or Night Clubs!

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