Spirit of Fear

Spirit of Fear

“God has not given us a spirit of fear. but a spirit of love, power and a right mind”-Tim.1:7. Go!

“God has not given us a spirit of fear. but a spirit of love, power and a right mind”-Tim.1:7. Go!
If you Feel like you’re Struggling on your Own, why not Reach Out for Help? The Secret to Success is Never to Give up! Before you Discover, you Must Explore!

Be Wise, Prioritize!
Forget the Past; It’s Dead and Gone. Live for the Future; It’s ALIVE and Full of Potential!

Lastly, He is Wise who always Strives to Find a Right Balance in Everything; the Right Degree how Far, how Much, how Little, where on the Scale the Right Answer Lies!

God is Love

God is Love

True Love Pulls others Through, Carriers them over, Looks beyond. It knows No Boundaries and it never Runs Out!

If you Believe even in that Which you cannot See, your Reward will be Greater than what you can Imagine!

Those who Freely Give Love and Kindness are always Recipients of them as Well!

God is Seeking You

Coffee for Ladies

Coffee For Ladies

Coffee time ladies!

Women who drink two or more cups of coffee a day are less likely to experience depression, researchers have discovered.


Power of Prayer

Power of Prayer

The Prayer of a Strong Believer has Tremendous Power! King James Chapter 5!

The Resources of Heaven are Equal to any Problem you’ll ever have face!

It doesn’t take Great Men to do Great Things, just those who are Greatly Dedicated to doing them!

We should never be Afraid of Tears. They Soften our Hearts, Wash our eyes, and Clear our Vision!

Let us be Children in Faith. In Unconditional Love, and in Happiness. Let us be Adults in Experience, in Compassion and in Wisdom!

Unlock your Potential by Tapping into Heaven’s Resources!

You Never Appreciate Your Blessings as much as when they’re gone!

If you Feel like you’re Struggling on your Own, why not Reaching out to God in Prayer for Help! Prayer can do Miracles, Changing the Impossible into the Possible!

Remember, the Life you Live will soon be Past; But the Things you do for Love will Last!

Lastly, Every Disappointment in Life can be A Steppingstone to Greater Things! All is Possible with Prayer!

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Daily Devotion

Daily Devotion

God Love you Unconditionally, no matter what you have done; He is a Forgiving Father!

Never Treat Him like your Lawyer, only when you Need him to help you out of a Situation and Forget about Him as soon as ur passed your Difficulties!

Trust in Him, Believe in Him, Confide in Him with your whole heart, soul and Mind!

Always think Positive, Encouraging, Uplifting Thoughts, and the Negative will soon Disappear since all is Possible With God on your Side!

God Loves you. He’s Loved you from the very Beginning and He will Love you to the End!

Remember that Money can buy you a lot of nice things, but all the money in the world can’t buy Contentment!

Lastly, the Love of God is more Constant than Any Other Love you will ever Find!

Fun and Laughter

Fun and Laughter

An Old Retired Man assume duty at a Office as Cleaner and Porter to earn extra income. He was willing to accept any duties assigned to him, but the only problem was that he found difficulties in pronunciation of words!

One of the Senior Officials called him into her Office and send him to the Stores Officer-in-Charge!

On arrival at the Stores Section the Old Man looks very devastated and tell the Store man that the Chief send him to come and collect “that machine who look at you and say
Woooooeeeerrrr, then looked again at the other person and say Woooooeeerrr”!

The Store man looked at the Old Man with an Shocked Expression on his face, since he was already Tired and Short-tempered due to Stock-taking the past two days!

Store man: “What did you say Old Man?”

Old Man Replied:”Are you death? I said the Machine who makes noise like a Airoplane Wooooeeeerrrrrr”!

Store man: “Please ur waisting my time so go back and asked the person who send you to put in writing what she needs”!

The Senior Official came back smiling with the devastated Old Man next to her! She told the Old Man with A GRIN on her face: “what did I sent you? Please show us by pointing at the object please”?

Th Old Man: Seems very much unhappy, disappointed and disturb of this humiliation and went straight to the object grabbed it with both hands and replied:”this little noisy airoplane making Wooooeeerrr when looking this side, again Wooooeeerrr looking that side”!

The Senior Official and the shocked Store man looked at the Portable FAN in the Old Man’s hands and Burst Out Loud in Laughter!

Wow! The minds of some people! Imagine calling a portable fan a Noisy Airoplane!

True Friendship

True Friendship

If you want to Have Friends, be a Friend!

True Friendship and Happiness is found in Giving!

A Warm Hug from a Loved one is a Little bit of Heaven on Earth!

The Best Listener and Friend is someone Who Puts himself in the Other Person’s Shoes!

Every time something Good happens to you, make something Good happens to someone else!

True Friends are those who Love you when everyone else Deserts you!

Kindness and Courtesy can make an average person Superior; Indifference and Lack of Concern can make a Superior Person Average!

Let us be Friends in Faith, in Unconditional Love, and in Happiness. Let us be Adults in Experience, in Compassion and in Wisdom!

Lastly, remember that True Friendship is the Most Priceless Gift that can be Given!